Online Learning

  • Our Facility offers Online Classes for our 4 Year old class, our Pre-K Lottery class, our 5 year old class, our 1st & 2nd Grade class, as well as our Elementary Division which includes the 3rd Grade through the 6th Grade.
  • We use a Christian based online Curriculum
  • Our virtual Classes are child friendly
  • All Teacher’s Computer screens are set to sense motion of your child at home so at anytime the teacher will know if your child is engaged with the virtual class.
  • Your Child’s attendance is kept by our proprietary Online Learning Program.
  • Grades will be calculated by proprietary Online Learning Program, then our teacher’s will fill in physical report cards to be handed out every 6 weeks.
  • Parent’s will be notified via Text Message when their children’s report cards are ready.
  • Hours for our Online Classes will be from 8-2:30, children will have a morning and afternoon break, as well as lunchtime included in these hours.

Building God's Kingdom One Kid At A Time