Lee Smith

Chief Executive Officer/ Baccalaureate Degree in Business Management / Affiliated with CCA for 21 Years

Mrs. Ann Nelson

Director / Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education

Tonya Jones

Business Office Manager / Certified Daycare Assistant

Laquiya Brown

Assistant Director / Affiliated with CCA for over 10 years / Nutritionist

Elizabeth Perry

Master’s Degree in Education

Zaraanetta Williams

Degree in Biology / Elementary Teacher

Carol King

Degree in Early Childhood Education; Head Kindergarten Teacher

Juanita Solomon

Educational Director & Lottery Advisor / Affiliated with CCA for 22 years

Deborah Baty

Lead Lottery Teacher / Bachelors in Science

Angela Stoutmire

Assistant Lottery Teacher / CDA / Affiliated with CCA for over 10 years

Dollie Lane

CDA / Lead Teacher

Melissa James

2 year old Class / CDA

Jennifer Manning

Lead Infant Teacher / CDA